• The 3rd Annual Prioritizing Excellence Conference 2023 Program will be announced in Spring 2023



    Where can I find the program once it's published?

    Our conference utilizes Sched for our conference programming. Please be sure to download the app for the most user-friendly and efficient conference program access.

    When the 2023 program goes live, registered attendees will be able to view sessions, and presenters, and begin planning their day by creating their own personalized agendas for the conference.

    Sched invite links will be sent to all registered attendees beginning one month from the conference date to allow time for all registered attendees to create their agendas.


    Why Sched?

    With Sched, you can create a profile, find your friends, bookmark your favorite sessions, engage with presenters, save your seat for popular sessions, and sync with your calendar to stay up to date.