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    Cybersecurity Services

    Open Source Cybersecurity Series
    Open Source monitoring tools offer a wide array of functionality and features that require a little elbow grease and know-how, but can yield tremendous benefits to your Cybersecurity posture. In this series, we share some of the tools we use at ESC11, how they benefit us, and how they can benefit you with the ultimate goal of enhancing and simplifying our collective ability to share solutions and knowledge in this intricate subset of information technology.

    Session 1: SIEM and Event Logging - Tuesday, May 5th, 2020
    Session Resources
    Session 2: Network Monitoring, IDS/IPS - Tuesday, May19th, 2020 @ 1pm
    Session 3: Host Monitoring (Metricbeat/Packetbeat) - June 2nd, 2020
    Session 4: Recap and Tying it all Together - June 16th, 2020