• Interested in Implementing TXLS in your District or Campus?

    The following success criteria will help you determine if Texas Lesson Study is right for your district/campus.

    District Success

    • District leaders support campus leaders with creating protected time for teachers to participate in Lesson Study
    • District leaders attend the lesson observations and debriefs
    • District leaders create opportunities for teachers to share their TXLS work
    • District leaders support campuses with the implementation of TXLS (e.g., providing coverage for teachers, providing stipends or additional release time for LEA facilitators)
    • District leaders have built Lesson Study into their strategic improvement plan

    Campus Success

    • Campus leaders have created protected time for teachers to participate in Lesson Study
    • Campus leaders actively participate in the Lesson Study process by attending meetings, the lesson observations, and/or the lesson debriefs
    • Campus leaders and teachers have a collaborative relationship with ESC staff
    • Teachers have the opportunity to share their learning with colleagues outside their TXLS groups
    • TXLS can spread through the campus through a gradual release model, where LEA facilitators and ESC facilitators are both leading groups
    • Campus leaders have built Lesson Study into their campus improvement plans
    • Campus leaders support their LEA facilitators (e.g., additional classroom coverage, stipends, additional conference)

    LEA Facilitator Success

    • Clearly understands the purpose of their role in facilitating Lesson Study
    • Shares the responsibility of facilitating Lesson Study from the beginning of implementation
    • Independently leads Lesson Study groups after learning through the gradual release model
    • Receives coaching and support from an ESC facilitator