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    Region 11 and TEA Welcomes the Newest Texas Public Charter School: Rocketship Texas Public Schools!!!

    After hours of public testimony and interviews with charter school representatives who had been awarded new charters by the commissioner, the State Board of Education (SBOE) reviewed and awarded three of seven charters including Essence Preparatory Charter School (San Antonio), Rocketship Texas Public Schools (Fort Worth), and Thrive for Success (Montgomery County).



    2022-2023 Campus Calendar Submission

    The campus calendar submission portal is now open in the Charter School Tracking System (CSTS) in TEAL.  Instructions are available to aid in the submission of the calendars via the portal.  

    Online calendar submissions must be completed by August 31, 2022, for each charter school campus that will operate in the 2022-2023 school year with its own County-District-Campus Number (CDCN).  Please reach out to Melissa Giesberg at with any questions.


    Charter School Incubator 

    The TEA Charter School Incubator is launching new programs to support different types of leaders in growing the number of high-quality open enrollment (Subchapter D) and in-district (Subchapter C) charter schools in Texas.

    If you or a leader you know is interested in this opportunity, please email us at

    Program Types

    • Replication and Expansion: For existing single-site charter leaders seeking to replicate or expand, or for any CMO looking to expand to a new region
    • New Charter Incubation for School Leaders: For existing school leaders and leadership team members interested in opening a new charter school
    • New Charter Incubation for New Leaders: For community leaders, teachers, or those with limited school leadership experience interested in opening a charter school
    • In-District Charter Incubation: For leaders looking to open a new in-district charter school



    AskTED Pilot Program

    Updating AskTED just got easier! TEA Charter Division is piloting an electronic submission of AskTED updates. To participate, use the following link to submit your AskTED update:

    AskTED is Moving; Update Your Bookmarks

    All links to AskTED content will change to Please update your bookmarks!

    TEA Charter Newsletter 

    This newsletter is designed to streamline information to charter operators; help operators stay up to date on charter school-related news and events from TEA and the field; and spotlight the successes of our amazing schools and students. All charter superintendents, administrators, board members and external partners (TPCSA, legal firms) should be included in the newsletter mailing list. To be added to the mailing list, email TEA charter schools and ask to be added to the list.

    Please send any news to share to the TEA charter schools mailbox!


    TEA Charter School Operator Councils  

    The purpose of these meetings is to:

    • give you and other charter leaders the opportunity to discuss issues of importance to you and your schools;
    • preview items and news from TEA;
    • spotlight the great things happening Texas charter school campuses; and
    • provide an opportunity for questions and feedback.

    Small (Single Campus Operators) –  Tuesday, July 26 – 11am CST  

    Medium (2 to 5 Campuses) – Thursday, July 28 – 10am CST 

    Large (6 or More Campuses) – Thursday, July 28 – 1pm CST  


    Charter School Considerations for COVID-19 

    (Missed School Waivers, Alternative Educational Setting Amendment, Suspension of Operations Notification, Six Weeks Attendance Submission and Funding, etc.) 

    Please see the correspondence link below approved by the commissioner referencing specific COVID 19 considerations for open-enrollment charter schools. This information will also be posted to the charter school homepage on the agency website.  As a reminder, more comprehensive information may be found on the agency’s COVID 19 webpage.   


    TEA Charter Specific Resources

    COVID-19 Specific Considerations for Open-Enrollment Charter Schools - March 19, 2020

    Charter Schools FAQs -  June 16, 2020 - Guidance for Charter Schools on the following topics:

      • Accountability
      • Amendments
      • Charter School Closure
      • Concerns/Complaints
      • Enrollment
      • Funding
      • Governance
      • Grants
      • Operations
      • Renewal