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    Region 11 and TEA Welcomes the Newest Texas Public Charter School: Rocketship Texas Public Schools!!!

    After hours of public testimony and interviews with charter school representatives who had been awarded new charters by the commissioner, the State Board of Education (SBOE) reviewed and awarded three of seven charters including Essence Preparatory Charter School (San Antonio), Rocketship Texas Public Schools (Fort Worth), and Thrive for Success (Montgomery County).


    TEA's Charter School Authorizing & Administration Division 2020 Charter School Waitlist Report - March 2021

    The 86th Legislative session passed Senate Bill 2293, requiring the commissioner to adopt a statewide common admission application and a waitlist of admission for use by all open-enrollment charter schools. This included a requirement to annually report the data from the Charter School Waitlist (CSW) and the creation of the Charter Student Admission Application (CSAA) to allow for a uniform admission form to be utilized portfolio-wide. The CSW and CSAA requirements may be found in the Texas Education Code (TEC) §§12.117, 12.1171, 12.1173, and 12.1174.

    Key Findings

    The 2020 CSW resulted in 98.43% (185) charter school holders reporting. Three charter school holders did not report data (one was revoked, one had not opened, and one was a designated Human Resource Code (HRC) charter for incarcerated students). Of the charter school campuses in the state's portfolio, 65.48% (552) reported having a waitlist; 34.52% (291) of campuses reported no waitlist. The total reported charter school waitlist count was 72,430, which contains approximately 17,371 duplicated students who may have applied to and been reported by multiple charter schools on their respective waitlists.

    Waitlist Status

    Currently, there are 336,745 students enrolled in charter schools in the state of Texas. This represents roughly 6.3% of all public-school enrollment. Within the CSW collection, charter schools reported a facility enrollment capacity of 441,293. Enrollment capacity is defined as the number of students to which the charter school's campus can provide instruction without exceeding staffing and facility limitations and the approved charter holder's maximum enrollment. 

    The following table shows the reported waitlist count by grade level. 

    Transition Grades

    Read the entire 2020 Charter School Waitlist Report

    Future Collection Dates

    future dates

    Charter School Admission and Enrollment Guidance 2020-2021 School Year - Frequently asked questions about using the Charter Student Admission Application (CSAA)

    The Charter Student Admission Application (CSAA) may be accessed and downloaded from the TEA website


    Charter School Considerations for COVID-19 

    (Missed School Waivers, Alternative Educational Setting Amendment, Suspension of Operations Notification, Six Weeks Attendance Submission and Funding, etc.) 

    Please see the correspondence link below approved by the commissioner referencing specific COVID 19 considerations for open-enrollment charter schools. This information will also be posted to the charter school homepage on the agency website.  As a reminder, more comprehensive information may be found on the agency’s COVID 19 webpage.   


    TEA Charter School Meetings 

    2022 Charter School Meetings

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    2021 Charter School Meetings

    • TEA Charter Meeting (TETN) - November 10, 2021
    • TEA Charter Meeting (Superintendents) - September 16, 2021
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    • TEA Charter Meeting (TETN) - February 9, 2021
    • TEA Charter Meeting (Superintendents) - January 20, 2021

     2020 TETN Charter Meetings

    TEA Charter Specific Resources

    COVID-19 Specific Considerations for Open-Enrollment Charter Schools - March 19, 2020

    Charter Schools FAQs -  June 16, 2020 - Guidance for Charter Schools on the following topics:

      • Accountability
      • Amendments
      • Charter School Closure
      • Concerns/Complaints
      • Enrollment
      • Funding
      • Governance
      • Grants
      • Operations
      • Renewal