Charter School Records Request

  • While a charter school is in operation, the charter holder is responsible for maintaining school and personnel records. To receive records from operating charter schools, please contact the charter holder.

    For most closed charter schools, the Education Service Center in Region 13 fills student and personnel record requests. The ESC 13 closed charter school page (outside source) has a list of schools for which they maintain the records.

    TEA stores certain student records based on data collected through the school year. A list of the student records maintained by TEA can be found on our Public Information Request (PIR) page.

    The PIR page also has information on submitting requests for other types of documents and information maintained by the TEA. The commissioner of education has designated one e-mail address ( and one fax number (512-463-9838) to receive all agency-related requests under the Public Information Act (PIA). Requests for information received at any other agency e-mail address or fax number are not PIA requests and do not trigger the PIA requirements. In addition, members of the public can also submit a request through the Public Information Office online form, or visit to the William B. Travis building to submit a request in person. Visitors must register at the main reception desk on the 2nd floor.