• ESC Region 11 2020 Charter Schools Conference: The Power of Partnerships

    What a great conference and a great charter turnout! We want to officially thank all the ESC Region 11 charter schools who participated and did so in a BIG way. Your attendance made it a HUGE success! We can’t express our gratitude enough to our expert presenters from within the service center and our charter colleagues within the charter schools. Also, we want to extend our appreciation to the ESC Region 11 Charter School Advisory Board. These board members continue to give valuable input that shapes the trainings and professional development offered at the service center.

    Let’s continue this strong partnership! ESC Region 11 continues to be here for you in these unprecedented times. We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and be a thought-partner for you as we go through a very uncertain upcoming school year. Click HERE to find our Digital Learning page where you can find a wealth of resources for Blended Learning, Digital Media/Tools, Library Services, and Project-Based Learning. We look forward to seeing you “virtually” in the many sessions offered this next school year and certainly anticipate the day when we can host face-to-face charter trainings again!

    Future Charter School Conferences