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    Important CTE specific updates from TEA FAQ's

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    • Can LEAs require students to come on campus to complete assignments for certain electives while the student is being served through one of the remote instruction methods? Posted on July 9, 2020. Some elective courses may have coursework that can only reasonably be completed in person, even if some course components could be taught virtually (e.g., welding). These courses (with one exception, noted below) must be made available to students who are otherwise learning virtually. However, the LEA can require a student to come to campus to complete a required assignment or project for an elective course if the course requires assignments that cannot be reasonably completed remotely. Some courses may require a student to obtain equipment from campus to complete coursework virtually. For an illustrative list of courses that might require on-campus experiences or for students to obtain equipment from campus, see this link for CTE courses and this link for non-CTE courses. There is an exception made for elective courses that are only open to students participating in a particular UIL activity (e.g., an athletics class or band class). For these electives, LEAs may follow their local policy, as outlined in question 32 below. LEAs must communicate which courses have on-campus requirements and notify parents and students before the start of the course that failure to complete the required on-campus assignments could cause the student not to be awarded course credit. This notification ensures students have an option to select courses that can be completed remotely if desired. In this case, it is appropriate to encourage students whose parents wish for them to remain fully remote to choose different electives that can be satisfied in a fully remote setting. Failure to appear on campus to complete on-campus assignments could also result in absences that could subject the student to the 90/10 minimum attendance for class credit requirement. Schools should consider organizing on-campus curricular requirements in groupings specific to remote students, so they come to campus separately and on a schedule that allows for travel from home. These students would need to be screened for COVID-19, and 16 follow any other school requirements and practices consistent with other students' practices.
    • Is it allowable for an LEA to decide that certain CTE courses must be taught 100% on-campus? Posted on July 9, 2020. Yes, LEAs may create a list of CTE courses that require students to be on-campus to receive instruction.
    • SY 20-21 Career & Technical Education (CTE) On-Campus Course Recommendations Posted July 7, 2020
    • A strong start and return to school 2020-21, the TEA releases of information and requirements.
    • CNA Certification can still be earned with limited externship hours. Reference this letter from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. 
    • Both the ACT and SAT tests announced that they're putting off the next nationwide examinations. The April 4 ACT test has been rescheduled for June 13, while the May 2 SAT has been canceled. 

    Guidance and resources from other entities

    • A joint online resource document that is editable by all for CTE Pathway Resources can be accessed here: Shared Google Document

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