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  • 89.1203 Definitions

    89.1205 Required Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language Programs

    89.1220 Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

    89.1226 Testing and Classification of Students

Introduction: LPAC Purpose, Membership, and Responsibilities

  • LPAC Membership Parent Letter

    LPAC Member Roster

    LPAC Confidentiality Statement

    LPAC Meeting Minutes Form

    Home Language Survey

    Bilingual and ESL Program Benefits

    EL Cumulative Folder Documentation Checklist

    LPAC Initial Review

    Parent Approval

    Monitored Student Roster Form

    Parent Notification of Student Progess Forms

    Parent Notification of Reclassification and Approval of Exit Forms

    Bilingual and ESL Summer School Parent Survey and Offering

    Student History Form