• 2020 Academic Accountability Update

    While no ratings will be issued in 2020, an overall rating or domain rating of or F in 2019 and an overall rating or domain rating of D or F in 2021 will be considered to be consecutive for the determination of multiple-year unacceptable status.

    Furthermore, as with other Not Rated labels, when a district or campus receives a Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster label, the district or campus shall continue to implement the previously ordered sanctions and interventions. If a campus has been ordered to prepare a turnaround plan and then receives a rating of Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster, that campus is strongly encouraged, but not required, to implement the approved turnaround plan.

    Campuses identified for comprehensive support and improvement, targeted support and improvement, and additional targeted support in 2019 will maintain that label and interventions for 2020–2021.

  • The Title I, 1003 School Improvement Grant (SIG) provides funds, supplemental to the Title I, Part A funds, to LEAs applying on behalf of the district’s Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools.

    LEAs who have one or more Title I served schools identified on the Comprehensive Support and Improvement School Eligibility List are eligible to apply.


    Texas Education Agency - School Improvement Grants

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