Fiber Infrastructure for Broadband Enhancement in Region 11 (FIBER11)

  • Please visit the dedicated website for detailed network information and updates.

    FIBER11 is a large-scale, carrier-class network created by the ESC Region 11 Consortium, which allows member districts to access high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity services over a brand new dedicated fiber network at a very low cost. The Consortium consists of ESC Region 11, school districts, and public/private charter schools in our region. This collaborative effort has given us a competitive price advantage as well as E-Rate discounts and special construction discounts from the FCC and the TEA. Through FIBER11, districts can also partner with one another in many different ways, including sharing of services, disaster recovery, and many more.

    Primary Benefits of FIBER11 are:

    • 100Gb Backbone Network Between Hub Sites
    • Two 100Gb Internet Access Circuits at Core Data Center at ESC11 for Resiliency
    • 10Gb of Internet Access Bandwidth per District Connection
    • Bandwidth Flexibility for Exceeding Subscribed Services without Penalty
    • Opportunity to Participate in Shared Network Services
    • Direct Connectivity to Multiple Educational Resource Data Centers
    • Flexible Agreement Terms
  • FIBER11 Network Map

    Click on the image below to view an interactive map of the FIBER11 Network:

    Click Here to View the FIBER11 Network Map

  • FIBER11 Hub Site Districts

    FIBER11 is a resilient, fault-tolerant, high-speed network that relies on the collaboration and active participation of several Hub Site Districts:

    • Alvarado ISD
    • Azle ISD
    • Decatur ISD
    • Denton ISD
    • Gainesville ISD
    • Godley ISD
    • Grapevine-Colleyville ISD
    • Lewisville ISD
    • Mineral Wells ISD
    • Northwest ISD
    • Stephenville ISD
    • Weatherford ISD

    Special thanks to these districts for volunteering to serve as Hub Sites.

    This regional network would not be possible without the partnership of all Region 11 Consortium Districts!

  • Region 11 Technology Staff Receives Award for Transforming Learning

    FIBER11 Team Texas K-12 CTO Council presented the TEAM award to ESC Region 11's technology team for utilizing a unique collaborative consortium approach in the construction of our FIBER11 network, and for the far-reaching impact this will have on teaching and learning in Texas. Rory Peacock, far right, and Juan Escobar, far left, accepted the award at the Texas K-12 CTO Council Winter Meeting.

    The ESC Region 11 Consortium is comprised of districts and charter schools in our region that have collaborated to gain competitive pricing and construction discounts from the FCC and the state of Texas. Those benefits allow us to provide ultra high-speed services at a very low cost, and districts will be able to collaborate with one another without being limited by speed and bandwidth. The FIBER11 network provides adequate bandwidth for the increasing technology needs in classrooms.

    ESC Region 11 is the first education service center to receive the TEAM award. The Texas K-12 CTO Council Team Award is open to school districts, consortia of school districts and education agencies whose impact on technology's role in transforming learning has been significant.

    The Texas K-12 CTO Council is the premier organization for chief technology officers in Texas schools.

     Shown in the photo, part of the FIBER11 team, left to right: Juan Escobar, Tom Call, David Sons, and Rory Peacock.