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    Scholastic GO:

    Scholastic GO is comprised of 8 databases perfect for the needs of students in the grades 1 through 12.

    • The Encyclopedia Americana is our largest general reference resource. The Encyclopedia Americana serves the needs of high schools students through adult.
    • The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia offers quick access to reference articles and media resources for a visually rich research experience. The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia is written for upper middle school through high school students.
    • The New Book of Knowledge is our general reference resource for students in grades 3 through 8. The New Book of Knowledge is an easy to use resource that helps students gain access to a wide range of topics.
    • La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre is the comprehensive research tool for Spanish speakers and beginning/intermediate students of Spanish.
    • Lands and Peoples provides the most up-to-date information on countries, cultures and current events for students in grade 6 and above.
    • The New Book of Popular Science provides the latest in-depth science, health, and technology research and news for students in grade 6 and above.
    • Amazing Animals of the World is like a virtual trip to the zoo with engaging and interactive information on over 1,200 animals. This resource is perfect for the younger students in grades 1 to 4.
    • America the Beautiful is a unique fact-filled, interest-driven research tool for learning more on the United States, noted Americans and U.S. history. America the Beautiful is an excellent resource for students in grade 4 and above.

    In addition to the 8 databases, all Scholastic GO subscribers have access to over 1100 World Newspapers in over 73 languages, five dictionaries, two thesauri, an interactive map of the world and 24/7 remote access. Each school can choose which interface they would like as their default interface. The search results will be returned based on the interface that is being used based on the lexile level of each article. In addition to the new interfaces, Scholastic GO will be offering a GOTube feature. GOTubes are short videos chosen to pique students interests and get them engaged. Scholastic GO is ADA compatible.

    TrueFlix™ is more than just e-books. TrueFlix consists of the following:

    • 128 e-books and videos
    • 2,027 related articles from Scholastic GO!
    • 1,804 vetted Web links
    • 749 Primary Source documents, works of fiction, poems, plays, archived new stories, maps/charts, etc. for each title
    • 128 lesson plans
    • 128 project ideas
    • 128 “Show What You Know” quizzes (10 multiple choice questions per title)
    • 128 word match games
    • 2 open ended questions per title for the teacher to use to encourage classroom discussion
    • Read-Aloud technology
    • Curriculum correlations for each title

    TrueFlix™ has been described by some of our customers as “e-books on steroids”. It is the only online resource that leverages the award winning True Books content to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process. TrueFlix™ will be updated every year with at least 12 additional True Books and the related scaffolding.

    FreedomFlix is the exciting, award-winning digital resource for grades 4 and up, comprised of:

    • 69 eBooks/flipbooks
    • 480+ pop-up features within the eBooks, including primary source video and audio; virtual tours; dramatic readings of letters and first-hand accounts; primary source images, texts, and facsimiles of historical documents.
    • 69 videos
    • 1,357 articles from Scholastic GO!
    • 860 vetted Web links
    • 555 Primary Source documents, works of fiction, poems, plays, archived news stories, and maps/charts for each title
    • 69 lesson plans
    • 69 project ideas
    • 69 ”Show What You Know” quizzes (10 multiple choice questions per title)
    • 69 word match games
    • 2 open ended questions per unit to encourage class discussion
    • Natural-voice read-aloud technology
    • Curriculum correlations for each title
    • And much more!

    Students can save their work in FreedomFlix with the Digital Locker preference. They can take notes on any/all pages, bookmark pages, highlight and save key assets from the book, and save their quiz answers.

    ScienceFlix features leveled content aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the latest STEM thinking for students in grades 5-10. Each of the six areas of study contains five units for a current total of fifty-two (52) units. Every unit features:

    • A video to introduce the subject and build background knowledge.
    • An anchor article to build content-area knowledge.
    • Dive Deeper articles to encourage a deeper level of understanding.
    • Inquiry questions to develop the ability to cite specific text evidence.
    • Projects and experiments to provide hands-on activities to gain a better understanding of key concepts. Many of these activities cut across the various scientific fields and into other curricular areas such as language arts.
    • Quizzes to evaluate comprehension.
    • Related websites to encourage additional exploration.
    • And much more!
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