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    STEMscopes K-12 is customizable, blended learning STEM curriculum that puts the

    power in the hands of teachers. With over two million student-users, STEMscopes

    K-12 owes its success to a crowdsourcing platform where classroom teachers lead by

    content and pedagogy experts build lessons. Combine digital and print resources

    and easy-to-use materials kits to adapt to any learning and teaching style.


    Real STEM Learning for Real Results

    STEMscopes K-12 has a track record of success. Data from nearly 500,000 students shows that STEMscopes

    students outperform students using other curricula. Special populations and bilingual students also

    outperform those using other curricula.

    > Built on the 5E + Intervention and Acceleration (5E+IA) lesson model

    > Continuously updated curriculum and content: new features are added constantly


    Everything in One Place

    Gone are the hours of tedious lab setup, scouring for resources, and leveling materials for student needs.

    STEMscopes K-12 takes care of that for you, so you can focus on teaching. 

    > Track student progress, assign quizzes, or extend learning beyond the classroom with a STEM video

    > Differentiate like never before with modern PBLs, intervention labs, art integration, engineering,

    vocabulary development activities, leveled ELA and math activities, and more

    > Inquiry-based investigations done right: teacher background, facilitation, setup videos, materials

    lists, and journaling for fast and easy setup


    Intuitive Design

    The STEMscopes NGSS point and click, drag and drop platform makes it easy to implement on day 1.

    Teacher support, professional development, and teaching tools are integrated throughout.

    > Assign work to students in seconds—receive reports and provide feedback to students just as fast

    > Dynamic and constantly improving content based on your feedback. STEMscopes K-12 evolves

    weekly based on your suggestions and in-classroom expertise.

  • Pricing information is available on order form above.

    Fax or email your order, along with signed purchase orders, made out to ESC Region 11,
    to Kandi McAninch kmcaninch@esc11.net 

    Please allow 2 weeks for activation of new accounts.

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