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    SEAS Student Performance Platform 

    SEAS Student Performance Platform drives higher levels of quality, consistency, and compliance across assessment, plan management, data management and service reimbursement. SEAS and ESC Region 11 have worked together to provide districts the most robust plan management platform on the market.  Districts using the SEAS platform increase the productivity and the quality of their planning and reporting because

    The Student Performance Platform isn’t just a set of products; it’s also a proven workflow with each solution providing accurate data that’s easily shared between critical applications across the district. Over 1,500 districts encompassing 50,000 educators use the SEAS platform today to meet the growing demand for high quality planning, accurate data capture and reporting. 

    Since the year 2000, SEAS has worked with Texas customers and has tailored Achieve to meet TEA requirements and provide reporting that is essential to your daily order of business.  With a single log-in, educators have access to all plans including ARD/IEP, 504 and ELL.

    Achieve is an essential product in the SEAS Student Performance Platform, an integrated solution used by over 1,500 districts across the country to simplify assessment, planning, Medicaid reimbursement, and data management.  Visit our website for a full overview of the SEAS Platform and services here.  (seaseducation.com)

    The following package and discounted rate is now available to Region 11 members:

     SEAS’ Achieve, Special Education Management $20/Active Special Education student, delivered with:

    ·         ARD/IEP Management

    ·         Services Accountability & Tracking Module

    ·         FIE & Evaluation Reporting Module

    ·         504 Plan Management Module

    ·         ELL Plan Management Module

    ·         Reporting

    ·         Secure hosting services


    Add on to the plan above with these products and modules:

     CLASS Online Assessments  

    Take the guesswork out of creating IEPs. CLASS provides unprecedented drill down into student skill gap analysis to drive through objectives for IEPs. IEPs based on CLASS assessments are proven to lead to improved student performance

    -          Assessment based

    -          On-line scope and sequence

    -          Integrated PLAAFP framework

    -          Progress monitoring

     Achieve (Additional Add-ons and Modules)

    • Academic RTI Module (Tier 1-3 form and plan management)
    • Behavior Plus (Tier 2 and Tier 3. PBIS, BIP and FBA forms and plan management)
    • GTE Module (Gifted and Talented management)
    • Avatalker (iPad based Non-Verbal Communication tool
    • Service Accountability Suite (DSCtop services documentation and DocNow mobile app)


    The Datasense data management solution provides an easier way to share all of your district’s purposeful data between all of your software applications without the need for expensive and time-consuming custom development

    ·         SIS Integration (Singular or bi-directional, priced per system)

     Medicaid Claiming & Reimbursement Services

    Recoup your costs on all of your Medicaid reimbursable services and your dollars back to work in your schools.  SEAS provides customized data collection systems for each state with built=in, up to date business rules that uncover the broadest range of Medicaid reimbursable services.


    For more information on this new contract, contact Joe Figueroa at (877) 221-7327 or joe.figueroa@seaseducation.com