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    Our goal is to provide the "Best Online Digital Resources for the Best Prices." 

    School districts are encouraged to select the vendor that best reflects the views and values of their local community. Vendor information may change over time so before purchasing, it is recommended that districts review the service to ensure it aligns with local policies and state laws. 

  • lightspeed  
    Please email kirvin@esc11.net for a quote.

    Lightspeed is a comprehensive solution for network security, internet filtering, monitoring, management, and optimization. 
    TETPC Lightspeed Volume pricing is only available to Region 9,10,11,12 districts.  



  • Pricing information is available on the order form above.

    Please email your order, along with signed purchase orders, made out to ESC Region 11,

    to Kellye Irvin at kirvin@esc11.net

    Please allow 2 weeks for the activation of new accounts.

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