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     Digital teaching and learning solutions for K-12 schools and libraries




    Target Grade Levels

    ProQuest Central K12

    6-12, plus community college


    Elementary through high school


    Upper middle through high school

    SIRS Issues Researcher

    6-12, plus community college

    Schools & Educators Complete


    ProQuest AP Science


    Education Database


    ProQuest Professional Education


    ProQuest Research Companion

    9-12 (also appropriate for college undergraduates)

     CultureGrams is a leading reference solution for concise, reliable, and constantly updated cultural information on the countries of the world, the states and provinces of the U.S., and Canada.  Local experts, aided by credentialed reviewers and experienced editors, document the intimate details of each country’s customs, traditions, and daily life, with unique perspectives on culture ranging from attitudes, greetings, and gestures to the arts, recreation, daily diet, and more.  Individual reports cover more than 200 countries, all 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.  We update CultureGrams weekly. 

    eLibrary delivers twenty-first century media for twenty-first century research.  It brings together an engaging user-centric interface, interactive web tools, multimedia-rich content, and 100% full text. Users have access to more than 2,400 full text magazines, journals, newspapers, transcripts, and books—and over seven million images, maps, websites, videos, and interactive simulations not found in any other online reference resources.  Content supports study and research across all core and supplemental curricula subjects for secondary students and undergraduate researchers, as well as general interest and current events inquiry by adult library patrons.

    CODiE award winning SIRS Issues Researcher provides background and current analysis necessary for research and understanding of over 360 current and pervasive “Leading Issues.”  Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between on the most researched and debated social issues. Editorially-created “Topic Overview” pages help build solid foundations for understanding the issue.  Critical thinking and information literacy skills are promoted through engaging “Essential Questions” with answers, and viewpoint articles.


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