Purchasing Information for Vendors

  • ESC Region 11 is governed by the state's competitive bid law. Therefore, the majority of our purchasing is done using vendors awarded via the competitive bidding process. The competitive bids are either done by ESC Region 11 or by a cooperative for which ESC Region 11 is a member.

    1. How do I get on the ESC Region 11 Approved Vendor list?
      To become an “approved or awarded vendor” for ESC Region 11 you would need to be awarded on an ESC Region 11 bid or a cooperative bid contract for which ESC Region 11 is a member. 

    2. How do I get on ESC Region 11’s bid list?
      ESC Region 11 uses the Public Purchase web-based eBid system. You can register in the Public Purchase eBid system so that you can view and respond to ESC Region 11 bid solicitations.  Vendors pay no fees for utilizing the online bidding system. When Region 11 issues a bid, Public Purchase will send out an email notification to the vendor email registered in Public Purchase based on the particular NIGP classification codes selected. 

     *How to Register in the Public Purchase system.  Register here 
    Register under the agency - "Education Service Center Region 11." 

    **You must complete the registration on this site to access all online bidding opportunities and to receive any bid notifications. ** 

    Note:  Registration in the eBid system does not make you an awarded vendor.
    It is used to identify vendors who desire to participate in the competitive bid or proposal process. This registration is not intended to add a vendor to the approved vendor list, but to make sure all those that desire to be a part of the process are notified of bid opportunities. 

    1. How do I submit a bid?
      ESC Region 11 uses the Public Purchase web-based eBid system. Vendors will view and submit bids online through this system.
      ***See a list of current bid opportunities on our purchasing services main page.
    2. What Purchasing Cooperatives is ESC Region 11 affiliated with?
      ESC Region 11 is a member of the Purchasing Cooperatives listed below. The purchasing cooperatives issue and award bids using the competitive bid process. By being a member of the cooperative through an interlocal agreement, ESC Region 11 can purchase through their approved vendors/ contracts. 

    Allied States Cooperative (ESC 19)
    Choice Partners/ HCDE
    DIR –Department of Information Resources
    Tarrant County Purchasing Coop
    TexBuy(ESC 16)
    TIPS (Region 8) 

    1. How do I get on the vendor list for the school districts within Region 11?
      You will need to contact each school district within our region directly. We recommend submitting a bid and being awarded on a purchasing cooperative bid contract because many of the schools within our region belong to purchasing cooperatives. 
    1. How do you award the bids?
      In accordance with Education Code 44.031(b) and EDGAR 2 C.F.R. Part 200, in evaluating qualified proposals for contract award, ESC Region 11 will use the Best Value method and shall consider the following criteria: 

    (1) the purchase price;
    (2) the reputation of the vendor and of the vendor's goods or services;
    (3) the quality of the vendor's goods or services;
    (4) the extent to which the goods or services meet the needs;
    (5) the vendor's past relationship with ESC Region 11;
    (6) the impact on the ability of the district to comply with laws and rules relating historically underutilized businesses;
    (7) the total long-term cost to acquire vendor' s goods or services; and
    (8) any other relevant factor specifically listed in the request for bids or proposals.