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    PRIME19 Education Service Center Region 11 is excited to host the 2019 PRIME Digital Learning Experience for educators across the north Texas area, bringing together teachers, librarians, technology specialists, and administrators to experience the latest future-ready learning strategies, tools, and resources in a future-ready learning environment. This conference provides participants powerful networking opportunities in a high-energy learning environment as they are PRIMEd to embark on an awesome new school year.

                         Date:  Thursday, July 25, 2019 from 8:30am – 2:30pm

      Location: ESC Region 11 @ 1451 S. Cherry Lane, White Settlement, TX

      More Information: www.esc11.net/PRIME19




    Visit www.esc11.net/PRIME19 for registration, exhibitor, and presentation information.  


    Hope to see you there!! 



    1 2 3 ... Go DE! 

    Most of us know that Discovery Education Streaming is an awesome resource for classroom video... but did you know that there's SO much more than video?!? Interactives, ebooks, online creation tools, interactive writing activities, current events, instructional strategies, and the list goes on and on!!! This weekly newsletter spotlights Discovery's wide variety of outstanding digital resources, classroom ideas, and instructional strategies for classrooms across Texas. Sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/hB1bzrZrixsXGe6p2.






    Past Issues:

    #4.2 Celebrate the Arts
    #4.1 Science Stuff
    #3.4 Social Studies
    #3.3 Teacher Learners
    #3.2 Spring Break Fun!
    #3.1 Loving Literature
    #2.5 Making Media
    #2.4 Discover MATH
    #2.3 Olympic Edition
    #2.2 DES's Awesome Audio Resources!
    #2.1 Welcome to 123...Go DE!


     DE Training Request

    DiscoveryEd Training & Support 

    ESC 11 is excited to offer a series of FREE Discovery Education Streaming learning opportunities for Region 11 Digital Learning member schools throughout the 2017-18 school year. ESC 11's Digital Learning Specialist, Kayla Steiner, is available to offer professional development, share presentations, schedule meetings sharing implementation, integration, and account management solutions, and provide support to schools . Please complete the following form if you would like to schedule training, presentations, or meetings in your school/district and Kayla will contact you to coordinate the focus of your training and schedule it's date and location.





    (average 2 hours/session depending on topic and audience)

    • Integrating Discovery Streaming Across the Curriculum
    • Spotlight on Media Rich Instructional Strategies for Deeper Student Engagement
    • Expanding Student Experiences through Digital Media with Discovery Education Streaming
    • Building Effective Blended Classroom Integrations with Discovery Education Streaming and Canvas (or Schoology, Google Classroom, possibly adapted to other LMSs)
    • Core Content, standards-focused sessions - please inquire for more info
    • Managing Discovery Made Easy (admin-side: report/usage data, account management, content management, course/assignment management, etc)
    • Other - just let me know what you and your staff need and I'll do my best to provide a learning experience that meets those needs.



    • Are you interested in learning more about additional Discovery Curriculum Resources available to you through ESC Region 11 at a substantial discount (PLUS Upgrade, DE Science K-8)? I'd be happy to schedule a demo & discussion with you!
    • Are you using a Learning Management System (like Canvas, Schoology, or even Google Classroom)? Would you like to learn more about the free integration options available to you?
    • Are you tired of using passcodes to manage teacher accounts, not to mention using CSV files to upload and manage your student accounts? Would you like to schedule a meeting to discuss free single sign on account management options available through Discovery?
    • Would you like to dig into your usage and account data to understand how your teachers and students are currently using Discovery, and more importantly, strategize ways to make the most out of this awesome, but often taken for granted, resource? If so, request a meeting today! 




    Integration Options for DiscoveryEd Streaming 

    Single Sign On (LDAP, SAML, Google, Classlink, Clever)


    LTI Integration



    • To request SSO or LTI setup, please contact Kayla Steiner (ksteiner@esc11.net).  Please provide
         1) contact information for a person who can facilitate having a zero dollar agreement signed to agree to integration setup
         2) contact information for the main technical contact for the setup in your district
    • Discovery will send an agreement similar to this  or this for you to sign and return.  Once received, they will work with your technical staff to implement the integration setup desired. 



    Professional Development Opportunities
    Contracted Custom Professional Development in Your District

    We offer Contracted Custom Professional Development for Discovery Education Resources for Region 11 and Region 4 area schools - please contact Kayla Steiner (ksteiner@esc11.net, 817-740-7659) for additional information and pricing.  Any of the above topics may be requested, or modified as needed to suit your district's own needs.  Additional suggested topics include:

    • Developing Flipped and Blended Classroom Activities with Discovery Streaming
    • Supporting Project Based Learning with Discovery Education Resources
    • Engaging Discovery Activities for the 21st Century Classroom
    • Designing Project-Based Student Activities for the iPad with Discovery Streaming
    • Developing Online Assessments with Discovery Streaming's Builder Tools and ProgressZone Probes 
    • Streaming for Students
    • Creating and Publishing Flipped Classroom Videos Effectively and Easily
    • Designing Media Projects for the 4 C's - Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking


    • Managing Discovery Education for the Videostreaming Coordinator
    • plus... anything you can dream up using Media in the Classroom is a possibility.  Call and let's discuss your ideas.

    Subscribing to Discovery Education Resources

    ESC Region 11 Area Schools 

    ESC Region 4 Area Schools

    Texas Schools in ESC Regions other than 4 or 11


     Current Workshops - Supplementary Resources

    Recent Presentations

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