Desktop Videoconferencing Tools
    No H.323 video equipment? No problem!

    If you do not have an H.323 system but you have a decent quality webcam and standard high-speed internet service, we can provide you with a downloadable computer based solution free of charge. We will even walk you through the download and setup process to make sure you can get online with us, hassle-free!
    Zooma cloud based desktop videoconferencing solution that is available to all RETN members.
    • Receive a specific number of PRO accounts based on district size. PRO users can schedule meetings and participants can access the meeting through traditional videoconferencing equipment, a computer, iPad, tablet, smart phone, or audio only via phone.
    • Participants can be invited via email and with the click of a link they are in the meeting. Participants do NOT need to have an account or download anything in order to join the meeting. 
    • It is compatible with traditional videoconferencing systems (e.g. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, etc.)
    • You can have up to 100 total participants in your Zoom meeting room.
    • You can share your desktop and allow others to manipulate your documents. 
    • IM/Chat 
    • Breakout sessions are available with PRO account
    • Recording available

    We have the ability to have 300 folks in a meeting at one time. If you are interested in this service, please contact Kandi McAninch, 817-740-3697 or kmcaninch@esc11.net, to request a specific day/time.

    Each RETN member district will receive a set number of PRO accounts based on student enrollment.

     Enrollment     # of PRO accounts

    83K - 10K


    9999 - 5K


    4999- 2K


    1999 - 0


    Additional PRO accounts can be purchased at cost listed below

     Zoom Fees  

    To request Zoom accounts please fill out ZOOM FORM


    Please contact Kandi McAninch, 817-740-3697 or kmcaninch@esc11.net to request a district PRO Zoom account.