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ESC Region 11 Educational Technology Purchasing Cooperative


Texas Educational
Technology "Group"
Purchasing Consortium (TETPC)

Our Goal is to provide the
"Best Online Digital Resources for the Best Prices"

School districts are encouraged to select the vendor that best reflects the views and values of their local community. Vendor information may change over time so before purchasing, it is recommended that districts review the service to ensure it aligns with local policies and state laws. 

***The ESC Region 11 is currently in the RFP process for K-12 Online Digital Resources.  RFP #2016-7-2021 K-12 Online Digital Resources may be downloaded and viewed via or by contacting Dianna Casper, ESC Region 11 Purchasing Accountant via email at to request the RFP document.  Vendors may register for free on to view governmental entity bids/proposals listed via the website 

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the RFP to the ESC Region 11 Purchasing Accountant.  Thank you for your interest in conducting business with the ESC Region 11. 

Digital Resources  

 What is TETPC?

Texas Educational Technology Purchasing Consortium (TETPC) is a non-membership "Group" Purchasing Consortium created for statewide buying power for Texas schools. We believe that all schools should have the opportunity to purchase online resources at a large-volume discounted price. We strive to provide the best resources at the best prices for all public, private and charter schools.


How much does it cost?

There is no membership fee for TETPC. Purchases Orders/Payment is made to ESC Region 11, so we are already on your vendor list. We have completed the RFP process or Sole Source Certification for all vendors. Interlocal agreements are available if needed.

How do I order?

We've negotiated the best possible prices for the resources listed through TETPC. Prices are listed on the order forms under each category above. Please select the category and then select the vendor's logo to view the product prices. Email Tammy Motheral at or call 817-740-3694 for questions.

Group Purchasing Advantages

Saves Money

  • Provides volume discount pricing for commonly used online resources
  • Provides an opportunity to build large-group purchasing power
  • Provides a single source for multiple online resources

Saves Time

  • One source for review and selection of multiple online resources
  • One source for pricing and information
  • One source for assistance
  • One source for training

Saves Paperwork

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) process or sole-sources selection process completed by ESC Region 11
  • One Purchase Order for all resources purchased
  • One location to send all purchase orders:

Fax or email your order, along with signed purchase orders, made out to ESC Region 11,
to Tammy Motheral at (817) 740-3643 or

Please allow 2 weeks for activation of new accounts.