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  • The Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) is an alternative certification program approved by the State Board for Educator Certification for college graduates who meet specific criteria. The purpose of the program is to recruit, train, and support high-quality professionals to become certified teachers so they can assist school districts in improving student performance.

    The program is delivered in two phases. Upon completion of Pre-assignment training, participants must complete Post-assignment training while working as an intern or completing a clinical teaching assignment. An internship occurs when an individual secures employment with a district and teaches under a probationary or intern certificate for a full school year. Clinical teaching is an unpaid 14-week assignment completed under the direction of a supervising teacher.

Updated TPP Content Requirements

    • Core ES-6 must have nine hours in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.
    • Core 4-8 must have 12 hours in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.\
    • 7-12 Content Areas must have 24 hours with 12 being upper level. Content exams must be passed prior to entering the classroom.

    Individuals not having these hours may take a PACT (Pre-Admission Content Test) in the content area prior to being accepted into a program.
    Find more information regarding the PACT here.


  • Fall 2018 Pre-Assignment Cohort - Coming Soon