• Students transfer knowledge from the different subject areas and apply this learning in different situations to build understanding, skill and retention.
    • Engineering: answers to problems
    • Students come alive and deepen their learning as they tackle local, national, and global issues
    • Students use tools and other technologies to create and manipulate objects they build to address a dilemma
    • Students continually interact and build successful social skills as they operate in teams, discuss possibilities, make e solutions

Student Practices

    • Cooperative Learning
    • Self-assessment of progress
    • Success working as a team
    • Brainstorm, design, create, test, evaluate, make decisions, & redesign together
    • Communicate effectively within teams and broader groups of people

Teacher Practices

    • Active Student Engagement
    • Hands-on Investigations
    • Student Centered
    • Inquiry Driven
    • Project Based Approach
    • Connection of work to specific STEAM careers and applications
    • Collaborate professional learning for STEAM knowledge & teaching approaches