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    Our Goal is to provide the "Best Online Digital Resources for the Best Prices" 

    School districts are encouraged to select the vendor that best reflects the views and values of their local community. Vendor information may change over time so before purchasing, it is recommended that districts review the service to ensure it aligns with local policies and state laws. 

  •  Encore

    Region 11 is partnering with Encore to provide an Identity Life Cycle/Federated Security/Single Sign on Application called Encore Software Solutions.  Encore Software Solutions automates the most important and often the most complex functions required to connect users to necessary resources.  ESS provides user management (creation, change, archival, removal and self service), provisioning of resources (applications, information and data) and seamless secure access (Federation and Single Sign on) to those resources for resources both on premise and hosted 3rd party platforms.

      Encore Software Solutions Demo


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        https://youtu.be/bujhzlKLCo8 - 1 hour demo and Q & A session   


    In addition, ESS qualifies for IMA funds as the solution contributes to student learning in district by providing a single, secure point of access to all online educational content.  


    1) If the district is 7,000+, you will need the on premise version and it is purchased directly through Encore.

    Contact Kandi McAninch - kmcaninch@esc11.net or 817-740-3697 to get the process going.  

    The base price is $26,628.53 for up to 10,000 users.  Each additional user would be $0.72. 

    This is a subscription and renews annually.  


    2) If a district is below 7,000 users, then you are eligible to purchase the ESC Region 11 hosted solution (you can still purchase the on premise version as well with the pricing specified above). Region 11 Hosted Pricing information is available on order form below.

    ESC Region 11 Hosted Order Form  

  • Pricing information is available on order form above.

    Fax or email your order, along with signed purchase orders, made out to ESC Region 11,
    to Kandi McAninch 817-740-3697 or kmcaninch@esc11.net 

    Please allow 2 weeks for activation of new accounts.

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