• TETPC Webinars and Tutorials
    TETPC is planning to host a variety of webinars about the different products that is offered for you. These are all FREE and about 30 min long. The day of the event I will have a link for you to click on to join the webinar. (no need to register just click and join) This can be done from any device that has access to the internet. A camera and microphone would be great so you can talk and ask questions. Any questions feel free to contact me Tammy Motheral  tmotheral@esc11.net
    LIVE Webinars 
    March 1, 2017  11:00 am -  11:30 am (Zoom link)
    This webinar gives an overview of CollegiateZone can help ensure students achieve post-high school success! 
    September 1, 2016,  10:00 am  (Recording 30 min)
    This webinar gives an overview of STEMscope Texas
    March 22, 2016, 9:30 am  (Recording 30 min)
    Discover K-12 Resources from ProQuest.

    This webinar gives an overview of ProQuest collections covering K-12 content. Come discover Sirs, Research Companion, CultureGrams and more. Target audience: K-12 school librarians

    October 26, 2015, 2:00 pm     (recording 30 min) 

    Learn about newest World and I updates and a Special Discount Offer!

    Catch up with World and I Online and learn about the latest updates to World and I Kids and World and I School! This webinar will highlight the Inspire, Did You Know?, Treasures and Create Your Company features from World and I Kids. We will also guide you through core curriculum pages, language programs, and a tutorial page for your better understanding of the extensive coverage of World and I School. A Special Discount Offer is waiting for you! You can now log in and preview our sites with username <tetpc15> and password <worldandi>.


    October 27, 2015, 1:00 pm     (recording 30 min) 

    Join Mesa Heise, Mackin’s Director of Digital Services, to explore the industry’s leading eResource management system, MackinVIA. Mesa will demonstrate how to use digital resources within MackinVIA and the variety of features available to enhance your student’s learning. This robust system can be customized to meet your educational needs and desires in the classroom and library, and take your lessons to another level.