• We would like to announce our strategic partnership with Public Purchase, a technology leader in eProcurement. They have more than 15 years of experience creating and implementing eProcurement software specifically for government agencies. Public Purchase offers a full eProcurement suite for each of our schools at no cost to you or your vendors. I have listed below some of these features that are offered:
  • Bid Notification
  • Electronic Bid Response
  • Vendor Registration and Management
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Contract Management
  • Cooperative Bidding and Message Board

  • Public Purchase has online presentations of their product which can be viewed every day. To get more information about this system and to see firsthand what is being offered, get scheduled for one of these Webinars. I have included the dates and times along with the contact information you will need to send your request. These presentations are only 30 minutes long and can be viewed at the comfort of your own computer. See for yourself just how much the system can offer your School District.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 AM
    Tuesday, Thursday: 11:00 AM
    (800) 591-5546 ext.151

    With advances in technology and a decrease in many of our budgets we all feel the pinch to be more efficient and to lower our costs wherever we can. The Public Purchase system allows us to work together as a cooperative to accomplish greater efficiency and lower our cost in creating, administering, and evaluating bids. Not to mention we can lower our over costs of products and services by pooling our quantities together. Once we are moving forward with the system individually we will discuss more ways we can use the cooperative piece that they offer.

    To register with Public Purchase simply click on the link below. They will activate your account and add you to the Region 11 cooperative. They will also contact you and set up any training that you and your staff may need. This training will be done via the web just as the demonstrations are.


    Cost is always on the top of our list as we work out a solution for our region and its members. The Public Purchase solution is one that we are really excited about because all the software mentioned above is free for all districts and their vendors. There is no cost for training or support in using this solution. The only cost incurred is a small $20.00 a year fee if the vendor wants to participate in cooperative bids or if they want the Public Purchase system to automatically register them with all cooperative members versus them registering one at a time with each district they want to do business with.

    This is a rare but exciting partnership that we feel is a win-win for school districts and vendors. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.