• Regions 9,11,14,15 MRPC Approved Vendor List
    MRPC Texas

    The approved vendors for the general and technology catalog bids are below:
    Regions 9, 11, 14 and 15 have joined together to form the Multi-Regional Purchasing Cooperative (MRPC) to provide greater buying power for the districts within these regions.  The bidding process encompasses three separate bids.  The bid specifications are sent to vendors in April each year.  The MRPC Committee, which is made up of representatives from each region, meets in May to award these bids to the appropriate vendor(s). The bids are:
  • Line Item Bid - a needs assessment is requested from the districts in March of each year for areas including general office furniture and supplies, instructional, janitorial and maintenance supplies.  These needs are then combined to form a specific list for a one-time purchase. Participating schools submit purchase orders for the awarded vendors/products for delivery by July.
  • Catalog & Technology Bids - the MRPC committee also approves catalog and technology vendors for areas such as office furniture, office supplies, instructional supplies, teaching aids, audio visual, science supplies and equipment, classroom furniture, library books and supplies, maintenance supplies, playground equipment, nursing supplies, band instruments and uniforms, athletic supplies, computer workstations, peripheral equipment, networks, software, etc.  The terms offered by these vendors are then posted on the website, for schools in participating districts to use to order products on an as-needed basis throughout the year and receive the discounts/terms as indicated by the vendor.  The effective period for this approved bid is August 1 each year to August 31 of the following year.

  • The following are the fees associated with the purchasing Co-op:

  • Catalog Bids- $200 per year which includes a technology catalog and a general catalog bid
  • Line Item Bid- 3% of total Purchase Order (if you join the line item bid then you will receive both of the catalog bids for free)
    To join the Region 9,11,14, and 15 MRPC, please contact  (817) 740-3653.