Principal Preparation Partnership Program

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    Both the Education Service Center Application and the Common Texas Application must be completed.
    Education Service Center Region 11, in collaboration with Midwestern State University and regional school districts, prepares today's leaders for tomorrow's schools by helping districts develop principals through a two-year program. Principal candidates obtain a master's degree in Educational Administration through MSU via coursework, and principal certification through training and activities delivered by ESC Region 11. Relevant training is provided through the program along with support of a mentor principal and ESC Region 11 program staff.
    During the first year of the program, individuals progress through university coursework, which emphasizes the application of knowledge and skills relevant to the authentic challenges of administrative practice. During this time, principal candidates gain knowledge regarding campus leadership responsibilities and prepare for their practicum.

    During the second year, principal candidates complete campus-based administrative positions or practicum. Certain duties/experiences are required in order to be consistent with the Principal Preparation Partnership Program objectives, allow for the development of skills necessary for the principalship, and meet state certification requirements.

    Tuition and university fees will be paid directly to Midwestern State University. Program fees of $2,300 per year are paid to ESC Region 11. Additional costs will be incurred for books, testing, certification fees, etc. A $500 per year out-of-region fee applies to principal candidates in districts more than 75 miles from ESC Region 11. Please see the online brochure for more information.  
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