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    AEL is a one-year principal certification program during which principal candidates may hold a probationary principal certificate. Principal candidates must be placed in campus-based administrator positions or practicum. Certain duties/experiences are required in order to be consistent with the AEL program objectives and to allow for the development of skills necessary for the principalship.
    Initial training takes place during the months of June and July. Training sessions continue approximately once a month during the school year. Principal candidates engage in ongoing assessments and receive support from a mentor principal and field supervisor.
    ESC Region 11 makes a recommendation to the state for a standard principal certificate at the end of the program contingent upon successful completion of all program requirements, recommendations from the principal candidates' mentor and AEL program staff, and a passing score on the TExES test.
    The program fee for AEL is $4,500. Additional costs will be incurred for books, testing, certification fees, etc. A $500 out-of-region fee applies to principal candidates in districts more than 75 miles from ESC Region 11. Please see the online brochure for more information.
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