• The Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN) catalog is available to help all public schools across the state meet their educational goals as well as the individual needs of their diverse students. The TXVSN catalog offers 90+ high school, Advanced Placement (AP®), and dual credit online courses that are approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and led by appropriately credentialed teachers trained in best practices for online instruction. All TXVSN courses are highly interactive and have undergone a rigorous course review process to ensure alignment with all applicable course requirements, including the TEKS, national standards for quality online courses, and TXVSN accessibility standards for students with special needs.

    The TXVSN instructor serves as the teacher of record. TXVSN courses may be taken for initial credit or credit recovery. Students are not required to be physically present on campus during instruction to be eligible to generate Foundation School Program (FSP) funding for a TXVSN course. Districts and charter schools can earn these funds based on a student’s successful completion of the TXVSN course, regardless of where the student is located while receiving instruction. For more information, see the TXVSN website at www.txvsn.org. Approved courses continue to be added to the Course Catalog throughout the school year.  

    Benefits of the Texas Virtual School Network include:

    Advanced Placement/dual credit: There are currently 18 Advance Placement (AP®) courses offered through the TXVSN course catalog. AP courses are approved by the College Board prior to submission for TXVSN course review. AP teachers are Texas-certified to teach the course and meet College Board requirements. Dual credit teachers meet the credentialing requirements of the institution of higher education offering the course.

    CTE/Tech Apps: There are currently 11 career and technical education (CTE) courses offered through the TXVSN catalog. Districts and charter schools may earn weighted funding for CTE courses taken through the TXVSN. (Student Attendance Accounting Handbook, Sections 12.2 and Technology applications courses include Computer Science I and II, Digital Forensics, Digital Design and Media Production, and Web Design.

    LOTE: There are currently 7 different languages other than English (LOTE) courses available through the TXVSN catalog, including American Sign Language I and II, Chinese I–III, French I–III, German I–III, Latin I–IV, Spanish I–IV, and Computer Science I and II.

    For information about how to get started as a Receiver District, visit the Get Started tab on the TXVSN web site.

  • www.txvsn.org


        Region 11 Liaison Shari King 817-740-7633



  • Updates From TEA:


      Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN) operations and technical infrastructure are moving from ESC Region 10 to TEA this month, because of legislative changes. As part of this migration, all TXVSN technical systems and the TXVSN public website will be down and inaccessible to all users from November 17- 30, 2017. Student participation in their TXVSN catalog courses will not be impacted.

    Following completion of the migration of TXVSN technical systems to the TEA at the end of November, enrollment in TXVSN catalog courses will reopen for the spring 2018 semester. Plans call for the catalog to be available December 1st at www.txvsn.org. For assistance, please contact the TXVSN Help Desk at 866-938-9876.



      In response to the unexpected needs created by Hurricane Harvey, TXVSN catalog course providers are expanding the number of high school-level online course seats available for displaced students and impacted schools and offering reduced course fees on some courses.

    Displaced students with a PEIMS crisis code and students enrolled in a school identified by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as a Hurricane Harvey-impacted campus who enrolled in a reduced fee-course after the occurrence of the storm are eligible for the fee reduction. Campuses that received a TXVSN Rural Schools Grant award are not eligible for the reduced fees.

    Course fee reductions and enrollment capacity vary by course provider and course title. Fee reductions for eligible students and schools apply to the specific TXVSN courses identified by the course provider, up to the course provider’s enrollment capacity for that course. For details about courses offered at a reduced fee, contact the TXVSN help desk at (866) 938-9876 or email TXVSNCentral@TXVSN.org.

    Important Enrollment Deadline Notice for Fall 2017—The enrollment deadline was extended to October 15, 2017 in response to Hurricane Harvey. This information replaces dates published in the catalog for fall 2017.

    TXVSN operations and technical infrastructure are moving to TEA this fall, because of legislative changes. Migration of technical systems will require a temporary “freeze” of some functions. Therefore, no new enrollments for fall 2017 catalog courses will be allowed after October 15, 2017. Drop dates listed in the catalog will apply—with a drop date no later than November 2, 2017. This supersedes information currently published in the catalog and applies to all fall 2017 TXVSN catalog courses, including continuous enrollment, non-continuous enrollment, and accelerated pace high school courses, and Advanced Placement® and dual credit courses. Participation in TXVSN catalog courses a student was enrolled in by the October 15, 2017 deadline will not be impacted.

    TEA extends a sincere thank-you to TXVSN catalog course providers for their support of Texas students and schools under these difficult circumstances. Please contact the TXVSN help desk at (866) 938-9876 or email TXVSNCentral@TXVSN.org with questions or for assistance.