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    Discovery Education's Videostreaming Resources
    Region 4 Area Schools

     Online Contract Instructions
    need further help completing your contract? contact Kayla Steiner 
    (ksteiner@esc11.net, 817-740-7659)

    As of September 1, 2011, the public and non-public schools within the Region 4 area contract for licensing Discovery Education's videostreaming and related resources through this website and ESC Region 11. The education service centers of Texas have joined together and secured a very effective state-wide license for schools in Texas and in doing so have secured the very best possible pricing for Discovery Education's videostreaming resources for the schools in Texas.
    Schools within the Region 4 area subscribe or renew subscription for Discovery Education Streaming services through ESC Region 11's special online contracting system. A district login and password was sent to the district superintendent by email on or around Monday, March 27, 2017. If your school did not receive that login, or if you need to request one to be sent, please contact Kayla Steiner, ksteiner@esc11.net. Support, troubleshooting, training, and other related Discovery Education Streaming services are provided or coordinated through ESC Region 11.     

    It is very important that districts/schools complete their online contract as soon as possible, but no later than August 1, so that contracts with Discovery can be finalized for 2017-2018 for participating districts in order to avoid a disruption of service.
    Subscriber Agreement

    In signing the contract, the school acknowledges and accepts the Subscriber Agreement. Any school that discontinues the licensing of any of these products must certify that all copies, in any and all formats, have been erased and are no longer in use. 

    Note: Due to various factors, including the volume of participation from districts, contract negotiations for products and services being purchased and delivered within this contract, possible funding changes for districts or ESC Region 11, and other factors, this contract is offered in good faith but does not become binding until September 1, 2017, on either the district or ESC Region 11. Until September 1, 2017, a district or ESC Region 11 can notify the other party of its wishes to void this contract, but early acceptance of this contract is necessary so that ESC Region 11 can plan and prepare to deliver these services. An alternative contract may be offered if this contract cannot be delivered as stated.


    2017-2018 Price List
    For Region 4 Area Schools Only
    Discovery Education Streaming - Base Package

    $1.17 per student
    $400.00 per district/school minimum
    Cost per 2015-16 Standard Enrollment  
    (Enrollment Data from TEA Student Enrollment Reports)
    Optional Additional Content

    Cost per Campus
    1) Discovery Education Streaming Plus Upgrade (Product Info)
        (Discovery Streaming Base Package required in order to license PLUS upgrade)

    $ 840 per campus
    2) Discovery Science K-8 (Product Info)


    $ 1,675 per campus