Challenging Behavior Webinar Series

  • The Texas ESC’s Collaboration Webinars on “Challenging Behavior” is a series of webinars that provide short but powerful intervention strategies for teachers and administrators.   Each 1.5 hour session has been recorded so that participants may choose to view it at a time other than the original airing.   Please feel free to view these sessions, but understand that there will not be any credit given to attend.


    Original Air Date: October 15, 2015

    It’s all Fun and Games until Someone Identifies the Function of Your Behavior

    Michelle Harris and Dr. Kimberly Harvey

    Behavior is both functional and communicative. This session will assist participants in identifying the function of an individual’s behavior and discuss strategies to address academic and behavioral needs.  These strategies will be identified for increasing and fading supports through Tier I, II, and III initiatives.


    Original Air Date: October 29, 2015  


    Kathleen Strickland-Cohen, Ph.D., BCBA-D

    This webinar will focus on a train-the-trainer model to teach a proactive approach for building school capacity to more efficiently implement function-based support. Attendees will learn about and be given full access to the Basic FBA to BSP training curriculum, which is designed to train typical school-based personnel to design and implement function-based support for students with moderate, non-dangerous challenging behaviors. School and district-level supports and structures needed to successfully implement and sustain a continuum of individualized support will also be discussed.


    Original Air Date: November 4, 2015

    Non-Medicated Interventions for Students with ADHD

    Dr. Laura Riffel

    It’s easy to assume the cure for ADHD lies in a little white pill; however, many interventions don’t come in a bottle and are quite effective. Using the behavior analysis model, the participant will learn to explore the barriers of learning for each individual child and develop an intervention plan based on the needs of that particular student. Participants will learn how to utilize numerous ways to address students who have been diagnosed with ADHD or are just inattentive from this dynamic presenter.  


    Original Air Date: November 11, 2015

    Classroom Management for Students with Challenging Behavior

    Dr. Diane Myers

    This session will focus on managing your classroom successfully to support all students – even those with challenging behavior. We will cover basic foundations of behavior and evidence-based practices in classroom management, and then discuss how best to support students with challenging behavior in your classroom.   Strategies include setting up the environment to increase appropriate behavior and decrease inappropriate behavior and the effective implementation of positive behavioral interventions and supports.



    Original Air Date: December 2, 2015

    Academic Strategies to Address Challenging Behaviors

    Dr. Brenda Sheuermann

    This webinar will cover academic strategies that teachers should be able to use not only for academic needs, but to address challenging behaviors that occur during academic instruction. The instructional strategies to be covered will be referenced to potential functions of challenging behaviors, attention or escape; that may be addressed as part of the strategy. In addition, recommended resources will be provided, including websites, government reports and practice guides.  


    Original Air Date: December 16, 2015

    Destructive and Disengaged

    Sharon Blanchard

    Many times we find the ways we interact with aggressive and unmotivated students seem to make the situations worse. In this workshop, you will receive a brief overview of the causes, prevalence and prognosis of these different types of behaviors. The bulk of this workshop will provide specific strategies, methods of intervention, and particular phrases to use with these students to make life easier for you and them.


    Original Air Date: January 12, 2016

    Emotional Disorders

    Dr. Andrea Ogonosky

    Emotional Disorders This session will provide participants with a general overview and necessary system-wide (PBIS) criteria for developing a strong behavioral problems solving process within the general education as well as special education classroom for students with conditions affecting emotionality. The focus and emphasis of the session will be on strong instructional strategies and emotional/behavioral interventions that are aligned with the varied needs of students exhibiting characteristics consistent with an emotional disturbance.


    Original Air Date: January 27, 2016

    Extremely Challenging Behaviors/Tier 3 Interventions

    Dr. Ann Hughes

    Tier 3 houses the systematic approach to addressing the needs of 3-5% of your student population. This session will address specific systemic interventions and individual strategies to meet the needs of the most challenging behaviors.


    Original Air Date: February 11, 2016

    Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Interventions

    Dr. Kimberly Vannest

    Externalizing and internalizing behaviors can cause classroom and school disruptions. Aggression and conduct problems interfere with academic performances as much as anxiety and depression.  Learn some NEW strategies and refine your skills with a few classics to improve student outcomes.