Sponsorship General Information

  • Sponsorships

    Corporate sponsorships with ESC Region 11 provide a unique opportunity to promote your business or service to school district and charter school personnel, connecting and building relationships with an audience that you want to reach.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Throughout the year, ESC Region 11 hosts many events, workshops, and training sessions that will put your business' name in front of school decision-makers as well as decision-influencers such as: 

    • teachers, librarians, counselors;
    • principals and other school administrators;
    • technology and financial directors;
    • school and district administrative assistants
    • operations managers; and,
    • school superintendents.

    Through a direct link to educators and others in the education world, ESC Region 11 provides your organization with a variety opportunities, choices of funding levels, selection of the appropriate audience for your business, and interaction that may include a program ad, face-to-face access, or product/service demonstration.

    Events may be added to this list as will updates about sponsorship opportunities so please check back regularly for those changes. 

Steps for Sponsors to Take

    • Read the guidelines for sponsors. ESC Region 11 has the right to refuse sponsors that represent products or services that are deemed inappropriate for our audiences or compete with products and services offered by ESC Region 11. 

    • Complete this sponsorship form indicating the opportunities you are interested in.

    Sponsors will be contacted by the event/meeting representative with additional details.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Annual Teacher of the Year Recognition Sponsorship and Amenity Opportunities
    August 2018 

    The Region 11 Teacher of the Year Banquet is an evening dinner that recognizes all of the teachers of the year from school districts in the north central Texas region. Two teachers - one elementary and one secondary - are named at the banquet and will advance to the state teacher of the year competition. The Texas Teacher of the Year then advances to the national level of the competition. In addition to teachers, those attending include principals and school superintendents. Approximately 300 people attend this special recognition for the top educators in Region 11. Depending on the level of sponsorship selected, sponsors will be recognized in the printed program, on mounted announcement boards at the registration table, on our website and social media pages, through announcements during the banquet, and may receive complimentary tickets to the event.

    Sponsorship and marketing opportunities may include:

    • Contents for Swag Bags for Teachers 
    • suggested items include gift certificates/cards, tote bags, pocket flashlights, stress reliever balls, stylus pens, mouse pads, USB car chargers for mobile devices, sport water bottles, notepads, pens.
    • Door prizes 
    • Cars on loan for the two Regional Teacher of the Year winners

    Instructional Leaders Advisory Meeting

    • September 28, 2017 - date reserved
    • December 14, 2017
    • February 22, 2018
    • May 17, 2018

    Instructional leaders of school districts and charter schools in Region 11 will receive the latest updates from the local, state, and national levels. Sessions will provide networking opportunities and opportunities to give input on future services to be offered by ESC Region 11.

    Attendance: 120-150 participants. Cost for brunch: Depends on attendance; estimated at $1350. 

    PRIME Digital Learning Conference
    August 2018

    With a focus on infusing digital learning into classrooms, libraries, teams, campuses, and school districts, this conference brings together more than 500 teachers, librarians, technology specialists, instructional leaders, and administrators. Attendees across all curriculum areas, grade levels, and educator roles experience future-ready learning strategies, tools, and resources, and have an opportunity for hands-on learning.

    • Vendor Table
    • Vendor presentation 
    • Box lunches for attendees
    • Prime display location
    • Logo included in program, vendor website, lobby poster

    Technology Advisory Committee Meeting

    • September 12, 2017
    • November 14, 2017
    • February 27, 2018
    • May 1, 2018

    This committee receives updates on critical information from TEA and new technology and helps make recommendations on technology needed in districts. Participants are able to network with other technology directors. There is a technical and instructional focus for this meeting. This meeting is designed for district technology directors, lead instructional technologist, and lead librarians from each district.
    Attendance: 120-150 participants. Cost for lunch: Depends on attendance; estimated at $1350. 

    Technology Vendor Fair 
    April 2018

    Our annual Spring Technology Vendor Fair features the latest technology tools and trends, with hands-on demonstrations, educational sessions to highlight your product or service, and time to make connections and get contacts. Approximately 500 technologists, classroom teachers, and administrators attend each year. 

    Some of the sponsorship and marketing opportunities include:

    • Vendor table
    • Vendor presentation 
    • Box lunches for attendees
    • Prime display location
    • Logo included in program, vendor website, lobby poster
    • Items for attendees' goodie bags