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    Posted by Lori Cole on 3/1/2016


    I absolutely love this quote; Mrs. Roosevelt was such a wise woman! Folks, if your teaching life is perfectly thrilling, yet scary, and even a failure at times; then, I would like to venture to say you are on the right path! Yes, I said, Congratulations! You are doing well!

    Hello, I'm Lori, and you can call me the "reserved" one on the Digital Learning Team. Y'all, when I say reserved, I mean I'm scared of escalators reserved. I like order, routine, and knowing what to expect. My top two strengths are discipline and routine. However, those qualities can be perfectly boring if that's the end all be all of me every.single.day.

    Risk-taking is a thrilling thing; just one thing Eleanor said - try just one thing! Today, I tried a completely new Pandora station, and it has done wonders for my productivity! Tomorrow, I might even try something more frightful, but I know that every day I must push myself to change and to grow. I know that if I'm not failing everyday then I'm not growing. Okay, maybe I'm having trouble admitting my failure on that day.

    So do something that scares you today! Have that "Aha!" moment and embrace it. Stretch yourself. These are the first steps in developing a growth mindset. You are awesome. Believe in yourself. Be more awesome!


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