• Enboard by Encore Technology Group  
    Encore installation is implemented in phases. Surveys are emailed at the beginning of each phase requesting the necessary district information for the appropriate phase.  
     Enboard Implementation Phases
    Before Encore installation can begin, the district Active Directory server should have minimum Windows server 2008 installed and have a clean and healthy environment. Please read the following articles about running an Active Directory health check:

    Region 11 will host three servers in an isolated dedicated network.  These hosted servers will include an Active Directory machine added to the district's domain which will be promoted to a Domain Controller.  There will also be a back-end SQL database server for provisioning and a publicly accessible Sharepoint server which will act as a User Portal that users will access for authentication.  

    Server Diagram

    Installations are started in the order in which the first survey is received. Multiple installations are managed concurrently by Region 11. The timeframe for installation depends greatly on the response time of the district at each phase. An online project management application is used to monitor status and communicate between Region 11 and the districts.

    View the online district project.  This link requires an invitation and login, which is emailed to the district upon Region 11's receipt of the first survey response.