• Enboard by Encore Technology Group
    Encore Software Solutions Pricing  
    Districts with 7,000+ Users
    The on-premise version is purchased directly through Encore.
    The base price is $26,628.53 for up to 10,000 users. Each additional user is $0.72.
    This is a subscription and renews annually.
    Districts with < 7,000 Users
    The purchase will be made through the ESC Region 11 hosted solution.
    The on-premise version can still be purchased, if desired, using the pricing specified above.
    ESC Region 11 hosted pricing is $3.00 per user. 
    Please use the online order form to get started.
    This is a subscription and renews annually. 
    Contact Katie Favara - kfavara@esc11.net or 817-740-7572 to get started.