• Enboard by Encore Technology Group  
    What is included in the Encore Software Solutions?
    Active Directory and 3rd party application account provisioning as allowed by individual applications, single sign-on application portal with access to almost any web application that is cross-browser compatible for all devices, account federation with allowable applications such as Google and Microsoft Exchange, and user self-service application that allows users to gain and reset passwords. Read the Encore Enboard Value Statement
    How does Encore compare to other single sign-on applications?
    What other charges could be incurred during implementation of Encore?
    If the district has not already purchased a wildcard SSL, one will need to be acquired for the single sign-on application. 
    What other technical information do I need to know?
    Three servers will be created at Region 11 for each district subscribing to the Encore Software Solutions. The servers will connect to the district through a VPN connection to provision Active Directory accounts. 
    How can Encore eliminate barriers to instruction? 
    Single sign-on to online applications will alleviate lost time to retrieving or resetting passwords and can also report online access to resources. Read more about enabling instruction and removing barriers. 
    How will user accounts be provisioned?
    Encore retrieves new users from the district's authoritative source to provision Active Directory accounts. Students and staff are activated/deactivated in all provision-able applications as changes are made to the SIS application.  Read the authoritative source details information.
    What applications can be accessed or provisioned through Encore Software Solutions?
    Encore supports SSO to any application or resource that uses forms-based authentication. Encore also supports federation (and therefore SSO) to any application or resource that uses SAML (Shibboleth), WS-Federation, CAS (3.x or 4.x) or oAuth for federation. Encore supports any application or resource that has a publicly accessible API for Provisioning or SSO. Read the Encore application library.
    Are there any other installations that need to be in place before implementing Enboard?
    If a district is using Google applications and wants the application to be part of the Enboard SSO implementation, Google's GADs must be installed on the domain controllers within the district network for seamless provisioning implementation. If this is not currently installed, Region 11 can facilitate this installation along with the Enboard implementation, however, it will need to be done the Google app can be added to the SSO portal.