• I want to thank everyone who attended the presentation hosted by Microsoft and Education Service Center Region 11 regarding the Microsoft IT Academy. For those that would like to view the presentation again or for those that could not make the call today, I recorded the presentation and I am hosting it on my OneDrive located at this link:  http://1drv.ms/1byhKwC


    You will also find some other attachments related to IT Academy on the OneDrive.


    Lance Baldwin, Microsoft Learning Senior Business Development Manager, presented the following items.


    1.       Microsoft IT Academy:  Learn how your district can us IT Academy to provide training to your students, faculty/staff, and community to help them earn Microsoft certifications.


    2.       Does your district currently use Certiport for certifications? Learn how Microsoft IT Academy can supplement what you are currently doing with Certiport in order to help you become even more successful.


    3.       Lance will be providing a demonstration of the Microsoft IT Academy learning portal.  This will give you an idea of how you will use and assign training to your users through the IT Academy program.  He will also discuss some of the training that is provided.


    Microsoft will provide IT Academy deployment services to Education Service Center Region 11 if we can sign up 150 IT Academy subscriptions by May 9th.  The IT Academy deployment services will help Region 11 districts that participate by providing guidance and  help to deploy IT Academy. Each district will be able to help their students, faculty/staff, and community earn Microsoft certifications that will set them up for success. 


    If you have any questions, please reach out to Katie Favara with Region 11 or myself. 



    Patrick Jones |South Central Region Education Territory Manager

    Microsoft Corporation

    Direct: 469.775.2097 Cell : 425-495-2038   Email: pajones@microsoft.com

    Microsoft has created a demo user account with sample content. This does not give access to the Administrator's, however, will show how a student interacts with the curriculum.
    Microsoft ITA YouTube Channel for recorded videos on ITA.