Behavior & Discipline

  • ESC Region 11 joins the Texas Behavior Support Initiative in addressing behavior at three levels. 
    • Tier I: Universal/School-wide
    • Tier II: Targeted/Classroom
    • Tier III: Selected/Individual Student Interventions  
    The ESC Region 11 Behavior Team believes in the theory that behavior is learned, and therefore changeable through the use of systematically applied interventions based on data analysis of the problem behavior. 
    In addition, we support the behavioral principals founded by Randy Sprick and Safe and Civil Schools that: 
    1. Behavior is learned.
    2. Behavior can be changed.
    3. Lasting behavioral change is more likely with positive, rather than punitive, techniques.
    4. No student should be intentionally or unintentionally humiliated or belittled.

Meet the Team - Behavior and PBIS

  •  Becky Yarbrough  
    Becky Yarbrough, MS
    PBIS Team Lead
    (817) 740-7635
    -CPI Instructor
    -SWIS Suite Facilitator
    -SET Walker 
    -Restorative Discipline 
     A Macon
    (817) 740-7507 
     C Valtierra
    Carolina Valtierra
    (817) 740-7571
    -CPI instructor
    - SET Walker
    M Tucker  
    (817) 740-7586
    -Autism Consultant
    -CPI instructor  
     L Schrader
    (817) 740-7504 
    -CPI instructor
    -SWIS Suite Facilitator
    -SET Walker 
    -CICO Facilitator
     C Grier
    (817) 740-3628
    -SWIS Suite Facilitator
    -SET Walker