Trainings - ESL

  • Welcome to the ESL Program Information page.  Here you will find information on our ESL professional learning sessions as well as link for registration. In addition, you can always contact us about a customized session for your district or campus.

Face to Face and Online Trainings

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    Academic Achievement for English Language Learners Level 1: Using the SIOP(R) Model
    This is a 12-hour face to face training based on the SIOP Model. Participants will receive the book Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners. School personnel will gain in-depth knowledge of the 8 components and 30 features of the SIOP(R) model as well as practicing writing content and language objectives.
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    Teaching Your Beginning ELLs (Click to register for 12/5/17 session)
    This workship will focus on research-based strategies to accelerate BEGINNING English Language Learners' language proficiency and academic achievement. Using the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), participants will engage in hands-on activities that will enable them to understand beginning ELL characteristics and provide best practices for working with beginners.
  • Refugees  
    Refugees, Asylees, and the Unaccompanied
    Participants will gain a basic understanding of the refugee/asylee process, including what happens to Unaccompanied Minors once they reach the border, and how to effectively meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of these students.
  • SLA  
    Second Language Acquisition: An Online Canvas Course
    Participants will explore topics such as culture/cultural identity, the five hypotheses in Stephen Krashen's Second Language Acquisition theory, BICS and CALPS, and elements of Sheltered Instruction in a classroom lesson. 
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    Supporting ELLs in ANY Classroom
    In this basic level course, teachers will learn about using sheltered instruction strategies in any classroom. Focus on content examples and strategies that any general education, special education or Bilingual or ESL teacher can use. 
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    Integrating the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) into a Lesson Plan 
    Both elementary and secondary participants will deepen their understanding of ELPS implementation in the classroom, write language objectives for their ELLs, and create a lesson plan for their classroom that completely integrates the ELPS. 
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    Sheltered Instruction - Supporting English Language Learners in the Content Area Classroom 
    Participants will gain a basic understanding of how to design instruction that focuses on providing English language learners access to grade-level content, curriculum, and concepts while they continue to improve their academic language proficiency.
  • Struggling Student
    Working with English Language Learners: Answers to Teachers' Top Ten Questions (Online Canvas Course)
    This two-hour course is designed to help you not only get some of your most common questions answered, but to also direct you to additional professional learning for each of the top 10 questions.