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School-Based Applied Behavior Analysis Programs for Student with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Based on information from the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC), this six part series on ABA programs for the classroom is designed to give participants practical information and strategies for use in the classroom and the community. Everyone and anyone (Moms, Dads, Teachers, Community Members) who work with a student with autism can benefit from this series.

Course 1: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Evidence- Based Practices, and the Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis — Workshop #FA1225029
This name says it all! Topics covered: the importance of using evidence-based practices (EBP), characteristics of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and the core components of ABA techniques. (45 minutes)

Course 2: Reinforcement and Extinction — Workshop #FA1225039
Topics covered: Reinforcement and extinction, what they are and how to implement them. (1.5 hours)

Course 3: Challenging Behavior Assessment and Treatment — Workshop #FA1225037
Topics covered: Challenging behavior defined, nature of these behavior often associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), teachers role in a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) and common function-based interventions. (1 hour)

Course 4: Communication and Social Skills Training — Workshop #FA1225040
Topics covered: Functional communication training (FCT) what it is and how it is implemented, data collection, and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) what it is and how it is implemented. (1 hour)

Course 5: Instructional Strategies — Workshop #FA1225035
Topics covered: Considerations of choosing instructional strategies, discrete trial training (DTT) what it is and how to implement it, motivating learners to engage in DTT, prompting and fading techniques, naturalistic teaching what it is and how to implement it, and strategies for motivating students to communicate. (4 hours)

Course 6: Classroom and Environmental Arrangement — Workshop #FA1225033
Topics include: Rationale for providing structure in the classroom and how to structure classroom through procedures and routines, visual scheduled and visual supports. (1.5 hours)


Course Brochure:

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