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  •  The fees and program costs noted below are the responsibility of the applicant. Fees are nonrefundable and subject to change without notice.

    General Intern Fees (for all TPP interns)

    Application fee — $75

    Pre-assignment training fee — $800
        ($400 due upon registration and $400 due midway through training)

    Probationary Certificate — $52 
         issued by SBEC

    Post-assignment fee — $3,960
    Interns: eight payments of $495, may be payroll deducted; 
    Clinical Teachers: $500 due at Clinical Teacher Orientation, then five payments of $692

    TExES exam fee — $131 each test

     • Standard Certificate —$78
        issued by SBEC

    •  Books and Materials —approximately $100

    National criminal background check —$47.75 
       fingerprinting fee to SBEC when applying for probationary  certificate  including $10.00 for Texas Morpho Trust Fee

    Updater fees — $200 (nonrefundable)

    2nd Change-of-content and test prep fee — $100

    • Out-of-Region 11 intern fee —$500
          (if employment is 75+ miles from ESC and district is not in region)


    Possible Additional Fees for Dual Language Interns