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2015 Annual District Testing Coordinator (DTC) Training 


The DCCM is available for download on the TEA website:
Training Handouts: 
Training Agenda

Welcome & Introductions (ppt)  Handout

   Assessment Participation Requirements for Students Receiving Special Education Services

Sample 2015 Reports (Note:  these were not included in the training handouts.)

TEA's Combined Training Presentation is available on the TEA website: 


2015 Test Administrator Manuals and other resources are available for download from the Pearson website: 



Accommodations & STAAR A Overview:

DRAFT Accommodations Presentation
Handout - Accommodations Presentation  
DRAFT STAAR A Overview Presentation 
Handout - STAAR A Presentation 
STAAR A Eligibility Requirements 
STAAR A Accommodation Guidelines
2015 Accommodations
Educator Guide for STAAR A and STAAR Alternate 2
STAAR A Resources Pearson Website Guide 
You may download STAAR A resources from: and
STAAR Alternate 2 resources are available at:
Click on the following link to read Texas Education Code §38.003 pertaining to Dyslexia and Related Disorders:
2015 STAAR Alternate 2 Test Administrator Manual


STAAR Alternate 2 Overview:

The following STAAR Alternate 2 Resources are available on the TEA website: 
STAAR Alt 2 TETN Presentation (September 25, 2014)
Presentation Handout 
Educator Guide 
Test Administrator Manual 
Participation Requirements (English) 
Participation Requirements (Spanish) 
Allowable Accommodations 
Medical Exception Eligibility 
No Authentic Academic Response (NAAR) Eligibility
Dec. 2 TEA Correspondence re Administration Window 
Use the following link to access sample test questions:
Use the following link to access the Essence Statements: 
Preparing for STAAR Alternate 2  (Pearson Training Presentation)
STAAR Alternate 2 Training for Test Administrators  (Pearson Training Presentation)