Early Childhood Outcomes Guidance - SPP Indicator 7

  • DATA ENTRY WINDOW for SPP 7 - OPENS March 1, 2018 - CLOSES August 16, 2018


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    Data entered between March 1 and March 15 might not be successfully migrated.


    SAME as last year:

            You must use Explorer 7, 8, or 9 for TEASE data entry

    Student Unique ID numbers are required!


    On-Line Resources:

    COSF-Team collaboration resources


    COSF online module training for new and returning staff.


    SPP 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 Troubleshooting Document  answers many of your TEASE data entry questions.


    SPP 7 HELP from TEASE

    Indicator 7 is the percent of preschool children with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) who demonstrate improved:

    • Positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships); 
    • Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/ communication and early literacy); and 
    • Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

    Based upon the specifics designated within indicator 7 and the requirements to report data for all local education agencies (LEAs), the state will use the Early Childhood Outcome Center’s  Childhood Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) model as a method for developing an Early Childhood Outcomes Measurement System. The COSF is a template which allows LEA staff to record multiple sources of assessment information regarding a student’s level of functioning in each of the prescribed outcome areas. The form also serves as a template for converting individualized assessment data into a consistent system for statewide reporting.

    TEA Updated Data Collection Resources for State Performance Plan 7
     SPP 7 FAQ(PDF 52KB) 
    COSF Decision Tree - Use this for every student, every time.  Other resources give you inconsistent data.
    Several versions for discussion prompts
             Discussion prompts  - Here are questions to ask parents, PK and K teachers to get the info you need for decision tree conversations.
    COSF cross walk to Federal reporting Categories - This explains how both entry scores and exit scores for a student are used to create district data for SPP 7
    Please contact Lynn Sullivan at 817-740-7551 if you have questions regarding data collection or data entry for this state performance plan indicator. Updated February 2, 2018