General Information - SPP Indicator 13

  • Indicator 13 is the percent of youth aged 16 and above with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that includes appropriate measurable post-secondary goals that are annually updated and based upon an age appropriate transition assessment, transition services, including courses of study, that will reasonably enable the student to meet those post-secondary goals, and annual IEP goals related to the student’s transition services needs.

    There also must be evidence that the student was invited to the IEP Team meeting where transition services are to be discussed and evidence that, if appropriate, a representative of any participating agency was invited to the IEP Team meeting with the prior consent of the parent or student who has reached the age of majority.

    Data collection 
    Data for Indicator 13 must be entered by a Data Entry Agent or LEA Certifier into the web based SPP 13 application by accessing the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE). The District Certifier is responsible for ensuring that the data are accurate and therefore, must be knowledgeable of the process. The district data entry agent and district certifier will enter district data collectively when necessary. Once entered and complete, the district certifier will certify the data. Every district must have a complete and certified status by August 16, 2017, regardless of whether the district has data to enter.
    New Updated information related to SPP Indicator 13

    The sampling procedure for SPP 13 was revised for the 2015-2016 school year. The same procedures will be used for 2016-2017 data collection.  Below are the major changes:

    TEA will no longer generate a list of campuses that have been selected to participate. Each district will include all campuses which have eligible students (15 years and older) in the sampling process.  Districts will compile a list of students and use the sampling process to determine the minimum number of student folders to review and report into TEASE. 

    The maximum number of student folders that can be submitted is 250 for all districts including districts with student populations over 50,000. For large districts the 250 maximum may reduce the number of student folders that have to be reviewed.

    The updated TEASE system will allow districts to identify campuses who have eligible students but do not have data.  The system will allow districts to identify campuses which may not have students eligible for  SPP 13 data collection such as DAEPs.

    TEA encourages districts to generate the student list prior to April 1, 2017 TEASE data collection opening.  Once the list is generated no other students can be added. Districts will no longer be required to enter the sampling generation date into TEASE.  

    TEA Updated Data Collection Resources  
    Updated February 2017