Friday, August 22, 2014
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Job Applications - Applitrack

As of January 15, we have changed our job application system to Applitrack. Districts and charter schools in the Region 11 DFW Application Consortium are transitioning to this new system and are in different stages of the process.
Applitrack Application link 
Please check with the district or charter school to which you are applying to verify which system they are using
If you want your application to be received by all districts and charter schools in the consortium, you should complete an application in both systems. On August 31, all consortium districts will be using the Applitrack system only.
Previous Application Created
If you have an application created prior to January 15, you may access that application in the Region 11 DFW Application Consortium system, print the information and use it to create your new application within Applitrack. You may also update information for use by districts and charter schools still using the old application system.