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Leadership Development  
Supporting and preparing today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges. 

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The Leadership Development team at ESC Region 11 is focused on providing support to instructional leaders as they guide their respective campus/district to the next level of instructional success. The leadership team serves clients such as teacher leaders, instructional coaches, assistant principals, principals, central office staff, and any other customer in a district/campus leadership position.
We provide professional learning opportunities that are aligned to the new principal standards and teacher standards, and support both aspiring and experienced leaders. Training sessions are selected, designed, and implemented in conjunction with district/campus needs, state mandates, and effective adult learning practices.
In addition to providing customized learning opportunities, technical assistance, and state certification trainings, our team is also committed to connecting leaders across the region for networking opportunities, where leaders can learn from and with each other.
If you have never tried our services, give us a call. If you are one of our many regular customers, we look forward to continuing to serve you. 

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